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Our own exclusive brand of unique handcrafted furniture. Designed and crafted by Vladimir Kevreshan - founder of Wood n Carbon crafts. Carefully planned and executed using unique and unconventional methods to create these extraordinary functional objects. Each design is limited to 4 pieces and branded with one icon of the '4 of a kind' logo. 

The WODRi side/coffee table is a perfect example of harmony between the two materials. The wood acts as the core and the carbon reinforces the wood. Inspired by futuristic lines seen in high-performance industries.


H - 44cm

Another great example of the way the materials compliment each other. The WEN table is a minimalistic yet complex piece that makes the impossible possible.


Inspired by an old aircraft.

H: 50cm x L: 60cm x W: 40cm


Inspired by CATERPILLAR, this table is equiped with a magazine slide, a stylish drawer and a 2 level top surface. 


Inspired by a design made for a friend who lived in the well know Bugrashov Street.


Here is a peek of what might come up in the near future.

Like anything in particular? Let us know what you think!